‘As every educationist knows, the 2016 testing package was little more than a shambles’, says recent article in the TES. And with the NUT calling on Ms Morgan to resign from office following “major failings” around the primary assessment reforms it would seem like ‘every educationalist’ may have a point.

53 per cent of children reached the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics compared to 80 per cent the year before. Even NAHT headteachers’ union and the National Governors’ Association urged schools not to draw conclusions from the 2016 Sats data as, “It provides no intelligence on the rate of improvement of teaching and learning”.


Assessment, it would be fair to say is a controversial area and in light of the fluid nature of key stage 2 testing anything that can assist in coping with what seem to be much tougher exams has got to be a good thing.

How about ongoing assessment?

How about a day by day understanding of where pupils’ understanding is strong and where it needs to be strengthened?

How about a succession of iterative steps all culminating in a stronger chance of Sats success, however the Government chooses to configure testing?

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