Here’s a depressing figure – minus £3 billion. That’s the amount by which schools are predicted to be underfunded by in 2019-20.

That’s an average loss of £339 per primary school pupil between 2015-16 and 2019-20 according to updated analysis from the NUT, ATL, NAHT, GMB, Unison and Unite unions.

In an interview with the TES, Bernadette Hunter, headteacher at William Shrewsbury Primary in Burton-upon-Trent, told them: “Costs are rising at a time of stagnant budgets, and the new funding formula that we hoped would help will see our school lose £38,000 – a teacher’s salary.

Set against the backdrop of the government’s primary assessment consultation aren’t spending cuts AND an investment in developing assessment skills incompatible? Impossible even? A paradox? No. Not necessarily.

Not with a ‘work smarter not more expensively’ philosophy.

Not if your assessment tools are time saving, offering more meaningful, actionable insights.

Ongoing insights that lead to better learning outcomes.

Whilst your team of course needs the skills and training to be able to implement assessment according to any new government directive, having the better tools to support that implementation, to mitigate its cost and the savings you will inevitably have to make in other areas, will be essential.

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