If you’re like most people, when it comes to spreadsheets, you’ll likely fall into one of two  (one much larger than the other) camps.

On one hand the sight of a set of cells may fill you with a frisson of excitement, of delight, the possibilities of pivot tables and SUM, Sigma and sorting columns a wild thrill – a world of analytical adventure. As they say… get it where you can.

For most people though, the idea of using a bunch of ups, downs and acrosses to try and abstract meaning from the names and numbers that fill those cells is a horror. It’s a horror that many schools have had to manage over the years. An unnecessary horror that many still have to endure.

Of course, let’s not be cruel to spreadsheets, they have very legitimate and very powerful uses. But collating end of term student assessment data? Manipulating it? Managing it? Measuring it? Reporting on it?

Unless you’re some sort of Excel ninja or metaphysical time stretcher it’s going to be less than ideal.

Compared to a dedicated real time system?

The time savings, accuracy, security, reliability and the real time assessment insights now available with Snapshot can only mean one thing.

There is no comparison.

Bye bye spreadsheets.

Hello Snapshot.

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